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The town of Kotel is located 328 km east of Sofia and 49 km northeast of Sliven. It is situated in a picturesque valley in eastern Balkan Mountains. High impassable ridges and precipices surround the town from all sides. In the outskirts of the town there are more than 70 caves and numerous karst springs.

Kotel is not only a place with majestic nature, fresh air and clean mountain water, but also an important historical and cultural center. It is called "stronghold of the Bulgarian spirit” and “Cradle of the Bulgarian National Revival”. The town was founded in XIV century when was populated by the citizens of the destroyed by Turks surrounding fortresses. The name of Kotel town comes from the name of the largest of the springs near the town. In XVII-XVIII century becomes rich crafts centre with highly developed manufacturing industry. In XVIII-XIX century in the city there are many schools, churches and monasteries, almost the entire population is literate. Kotel is the birth place of many great Bulgarians, left lasting trace in the national history - Sofronii Vrachanski, Neofit Bozveli, Gavril Krastevich, Aleko Bogoridi, Stefan Bogoridi, Petar Beron, Georgi Sava Rakovski.

The town is an important economic, literary and cultural center of Bulgaria during the National revival. Kotel is a town with beautiful architectural examples from the late Bulgarian national revival and one of the most important centers of the carpet weaving art. Many Bulgarian and foreign tourists are attracted by this picturesque mountain town with rich history, Bulgarian national revival architecture and beautiful nature.

Nowadays Kotel is a well-known climatic resort with many preserved Bulgarian national revival buildings, natural and ethnographic museums, mausoleum D. S. Rakovski and the museum of Bulgarian national revival men from the Kotel area.


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