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The picturesque village of Medven is located on the southern slopes of the Balkan Mountains to centuries-old oak and beech forests. It is situated at about 12 km southeast of the city of Kotel.

The Village has retained its authentic appearance from the Bulgarian national revival. If you take a walk on the cobblestone streets you will feel the vivid bulgarian spirit of national revival men. Most of the Medven houses are monuments of the culture. The oldest of them still keep signs from cherkez axes on its gates.

The village of Medven is a birth place of the famous revolutionary and writer Zahari Stoyanov and the first bulgarian popular artist Stoyan Bachvarov.

The village has set house-museum "Zahari Stoyanov" in the quarter “Yurta”. At the central square rises monument of the writer,the house of Stoyan Bachvarov is also saved.


- Along Medven runs the picturesque river Medvenska. It springs 11 km from the village and is famous for its wonderful waterfalls "Sini vir” and “Skokovete”.

In the land of Medven mountains there are beautiful rocky mountain caves - "Lednitsata” and “Tsarevets”. There is the nature preserve for wild animals.

- The settlement - preserve Zheravna is 15 km to the west and 4 km to the south is Gradets.

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